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How to build a marketing agency

  1. Advertising and marketing agency ecuador
    1. How to create a youtube advertising account
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Advertising and marketing agency ecuador

The online businesses with the highest revenue and the least stress know how to strategically delegate to a trusted team... Do you want to get your online business off the ground and make sure your funnels and launches work, all without the stress and hassle of orchestrating and setting up all the sales processes?

If there was a Tinder where marketing teams meet entrepreneurs to see if a relationship would develop, we would be one of those who would say "we are looking for a long term relationship, not a chance meeting".

We are a young team with experience, we belong to the community of the best marketers in Europe. In addition, separately we have also set up companies in different sectors (ecommerce, tourism, cryptocurrencies...), something that gives us a strategic vision and an understanding of business that few marketing teams have.

We are millennials. For us, professionalism and proximity are not incompatible, quite the contrary. That is why we have a direct, personal, close and trusting communication with the people we work with.

How to create a youtube advertising account

However, it is normal that at first you are assailed by a lot of doubts: how to set up your company, what profiles you should include in your agency or how to get your first clients are some of the most common ones.

However, having your own company also means new professional goals, as well as depending on your own schedule and getting involved in projects that, otherwise, you would not have been able to take on.

Thanks to the advance of new technologies, the costs of setting up your own marketing agency are much lower. If your work model is remote, you don't have to worry about renting a headquarters to house the entire team.

However, this does not mean that the start-up costs are zero. In addition to budgeting for the costs of registering your trademark or the costs of incorporating your company, you must take into account other common expenses when starting a business.

For example, what team you need to hire to start up your agency and what type of contract you are going to enter into. Or, to go further, what materials each member of the team needs to work.

How to create a facebook advertising account

Before we start working with any brand, we look at some key data to determine if your business is ready to scale quickly. Unlike traditional ecommerce digital marketing agencies that only care about your media spend budget, we focus on your Ecommerce metrics first.

Our 3 C's are the fundamental pillars that we apply in each of our projects. These are the ones that ensure the success and profitability of each one, making us an Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency of excellence.

How to create a facebook ads account

Digital marketing has become a vital aspect for companies. In fact, nowadays business activity is related to digital culture, online presence and brand diffusion on social networks, both for B2C and B2B markets.

For this reason, creating a digital marketing agency is very tempting and brings great business opportunities. In this article we will talk about how to achieve this goal with the best possible results.

A digital marketing agency is a team of professionals who are experts in marketing, advertising, digital media and content strategies, focused on positioning their clients in the channels that best suit their offer. Their purpose is to improve brand presence and authority, lead generation and deal opportunities from online sources.

It can be tempting to offer as many services as possible, but keep in mind that each of these activities involves specialized resources and teams. To give an example, a marketing agency that specializes in video will have a considerable amount of investment in production and post-production equipment.

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