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How to start a marketing agency

  1. Successful facebook campaigns
    1. Traffic campaign on instagram
    2. How to create your facebook business manager step by step
    3. How to sell on facebook and instagram

Successful facebook campaigns

Considering that a 60-second TV ad can cost up to $9 million for the Super Bowl, you'll understand why the stakes are so high in an industry where competition is stiff and brands have everything to gain.

Since you're in the industry, self-promotion should be an integral part of your daily activities. Start by using your website as a tool for branding. Next, take every opportunity to promote to your existing customers. This will remind them that they made an excellent decision. Participate in competitions. The gains they generate in terms of media coverage and leads are unparalleled.

What customers want is not that hard to figure out: they want the best value for their money. One way to provide this is by embracing the trends and technologies available to modern marketers. There's an app for everything these days. If you can provide easier workflows, clearer reporting or a more transparent process, we can guarantee you'll have a happier customer.

Traffic campaign on instagram

Digital marketing has become a vital aspect for companies. In fact, nowadays business activity is related to digital culture, online presence and brand diffusion on social networks, both for B2C and B2B markets.

For this reason, creating a digital marketing agency is very tempting and brings great business opportunities. In this article we will talk about how to achieve this goal with the best possible results.

A digital marketing agency is a team of professionals who are experts in marketing, advertising, digital media and content strategies, focused on positioning their clients in the channels that best suit their offer. Their purpose is to improve brand presence and authority, lead generation and deal opportunities from online sources.

It can be tempting to offer as many services as possible, but keep in mind that each of these activities involves specialized resources and teams. To give an example, a marketing agency that specializes in video will have a considerable amount of investment in production and post-production equipment.

How to create your facebook business manager step by step

Jim Collective has the qualities I value most in any supplier: responsiveness, flexibility and teamwork with the customer to find the best solution to any challenge or problem.

Chatbots are one of the tools that help shopping malls, retail and restaurant chains improve customer experience, increase offline sales and reduce costs.

A chatbot is nothing more or less than a type of computer program or software, in the same way as an app or the browser of our PC, but with the particularity that to interact with this software we use a conversational interface, that is, we use natural language (in text or spoken) to tell it what to do and reciprocally this software gives us back the results using the same natural language, which basically turns the interaction into a conversation.

How to sell on facebook and instagram

Before we start working with any brand, we look at some key data to determine if your business is ready to scale quickly. Unlike traditional ecommerce digital marketing agencies that only care about your media spend budget, we focus on your Ecommerce metrics first.

Our 3 C's are the fundamental pillars that we apply in each of our projects. These are the ones that ensure the success and profitability of each one, making us an Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency of excellence.

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