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The marketing agency blueprint

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Cost of a marketing plan

We do Modern Marketing. INDI Marketers is a B2B marketing agency and consulting firm specialized in defining strategies and executing marketing plans for companies operating in a digital world. Because customers decide in a digital world. This is modern marketing. Shall we talk?

Our services cover everything you need to help you undertake any digital marketing action and other traditional initiatives. We are an integrated agency that offers you consulting, experts and all the tools you need to execute your plans.

Because your customers are changing and no longer respond to traditional tactics in the same way. Our proposal is to unify your online and offline strategies, combining the 'outbound' world with the new approaches of modern marketing as 'inbound' with which you can attract potential customers interested in what you are telling them.

Marketing campaign costs

OrglizOrgliz was born with the need of a mother to develop hygiene products for her children with allergies, today distributes nationwide. With this client we worked on #Branding and #Packeting.

With Gif professionals I have found the perfect allies between strategy and creativity to promote our digital platforms. They have been valuable collaborators, and each of the proposals made have hit the right spot to achieve the desired growth.

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Advertising and marketing agency

Another of our functions, is to explain in detail where you are located, what benefits you can get and where you should row to get the maximum performance of your company in the digital world.

We will be happy to have a meeting with you to see all the details of your project, tell you everything we can do for you and how together, we can help you generate a suitable image for your client and of course, an increase in conversions getting the maximum benefit for each euro invested.

Social media management agency

"With La Abuela we have implemented a solid content and SEO strategy through the blog they have created for us. They have managed to transmit our knowhow and enhance our brand image in the digital environment. A committed and passionate agency."

"La Abuela has developed our new website and the content we launch from our blog. Thanks to Floren and his team we have managed to convey the complexity of our business and our methodology in the digital environment positioning us as experts in our sector. They are always ready to help you with a smile."

One of our strategic thinking heads and souls of the agency. There is no project or digital tool that resists him. Pure synonym of vitality, Coca-Cola fan and boxing lover.

Experienced copywriter. She can create a content plan for a restaurant as well as for a gym. Expert in giving the perfect touch to any text. Absolute Disney fan and a great foodie.

  How to build a marketing agency
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