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Marketing tools for business

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  3. What is branding?
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Google analytics features

Likewise, it includes a free blog creator with which you can develop your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy so that more people find your business on the internet. Manage and publish each of your articles with valuable content, and then share them on social networks.

This is a cloud solution that works for all types of businesses. CloudApp is a program used to record your monitor screen and share the video immediately with your collaborators through a link. This function is very useful for making short tutorials of your products or services, or simply to better inform your work team.

It also allows you to edit GIFs to place them in advertisements or on your brand's social networks. Similarly, it shares images and screenshots, to which you can add annotations or marks to better clarify the context of certain topics. With this tool you can visually optimize your communication with your employees and customers.

What are marketing and advertising tools?

Digital marketing tools are software focused on optimizing and automating processes, as well as analyzing large volumes of data and facilitating the management of various tasks. There are many tools on the market that serve to facilitate the implementation of different strategies.

What is branding?

Branding (or brand management) are actions aligned to the positioning, purpose and values of a brand. Its objective is to awaken sensations and create conscious and unconscious connections, which will be crucial for the customer to choose your brand at the moment of purchase decision.

Free email marketing tools

The Inbound Marketing methodology is based on attracting prospects, interacting with them and delighting them so that they themselves attract more qualified prospects to you. Inbound Marketing is about a better way to market, sell and help customers to generate growth for your company in the long run.

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It used to be believed that in order to innovate you had to create a new product or use new technology, however there are different types of innovation in which a company can innovate, it can even be innovative in several ways. We present the different ways in which you can innovate in your company...

Innovation is a value that is popularly encouraged or sold as the cure for all business ills. Successful innovators are named as agents of change and progress in any society. However, little is said about the high budgets, difficulties and disruption that innovation brings...

Google marketing platform for small businesses

Having good tools can be the key to attract new customers and keep them loyal. Therefore, in this article we are going to show you the main marketing tools you need to know if you want to achieve great results.

One of its advantages is that it can be applied at any stage of the sales funnel. A good digital marketing strategy goes from the moment the potential customer knows the brand until after the purchase is made.

Nowadays, mailing is one of the main communication channels between brands and customers. In addition, it is an excellent alternative to build relationships and nurture your potential customers.

Its main feature is its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) function, which allows you to organize potential customers in stages and thus create a large database.

It is a very complete tool that, in addition to sending emails, provides features that allow you to publish on social networks, create landing pages, perform A/B tests, export performance reports, access a CRM, create paid ads, edit images, among other options.

Google analytics examples

Many videos with high view rates are simple and without much production or editing. However, elements such as lighting equipment and editing software can lead you to believe that video marketing is complex.

Video marketing is the use of video to promote and sell a product or service. It is a way to increase engagement on your digital channels (such as social media), educate your customers and reach audiences through the audiovisual format.

A video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80% and the simple mention of the word "video" in an email subject line increases open rates by 19%.

Video has not only transformed how customers buy and how businesses sell: it has also revolutionized how marketers connect and drive conversion and how service teams support and delight customers.

These formats can be used from the first contact with your customer through the website with welcome videos, even after the purchase with video tutorials to learn how to use the product.

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