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Relationship between content marketing and seo

  1. Content marketing strategy
  2. How is content marketing linked to Inbound Marketing?
  3. What is content marketing and what is SEO?
  4. What are the differences between inbound marketing and content marketing?
    1. Examples of content marketing in social networks
    2. Content marketing examples
    3. Content marketing success stories

Content marketing strategy

If necessary, we will create sales funnels or landing landings. We constantly monitor and analyze all of this in order to apply changes and obtain the best results.

In Factoría Creativa we have a group of experts that will manage your Social Networks with the objective of creating relevant profiles that will help you to increase the positioning and visibility of your brand.

Investing in Digital Marketing is necessary for any type of company. Not having digital marketing strategies weakens a business against its competitors and makes it difficult to gain a foothold in the market.

How is content marketing linked to Inbound Marketing?

By creating and publishing content in different formats in a structured way (content marketing), we manage to attract visitors to the page that we will try to convert into leads and then into customers (inbound marketing).

What is content marketing and what is SEO?

While SEO is about getting clicks in organic results, content marketing strategy focuses on building a relationship with customers, creating engagement with written content, videos, images and social media posts.

What are the differences between inbound marketing and content marketing?

Inbound marketing covers the entire process, from attraction to final customer conversion. On the other hand, content marketing only intervenes in the first stage of attracting visitors.

Examples of content marketing in social networks

Inbound marketing and content marketing, what is the difference? Many times among people, and even sometimes in the business world itself, confusion arises between the two terms because they both look alike, but in reality they do not refer to the same thing, although it could be said that they complement each other.

However, if you are looking to plan your marketing strategy effectively, it is necessary to clarify the difference between these two concepts, because it is likely that in your marketing area they do content marketing, but not necessarily do inbound, although it may seem so.

The purpose of this article is to establish the differences and similarities between inbound marketing and content marketing, in order to understand what are the functions and characteristics of each one and how these two resources can help you generate more leads for your company.

Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology based on the philosophy of attracting qualified prospects with valuable, timely and timely content to provide a solution to their problem or need.

Content marketing examples

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Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, online marketing or online marketing is the theory and practice of using the Internet to promote the sale of products and services. These digital marketing strategies and tactics are embodied within an online marketing plan that includes different techniques such as email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, wikimarketing[1], influencer marketing, and programmatic advertising, among others.[2] Internet marketing has also become an important part of the marketing strategy of the Internet.

Internet marketing has also affected the banking industry. More and more banks are offering online banking. It is believed that online banking has been attractive to consumers because it is more convenient than visiting a bank branch. Currently more than 50 million adults in the United States use Internet banking. Online banking is the fastest growing Internet activity. Increased Internet connection speeds are the primary reason for this growth. Of those individuals who use the Internet in the United States, 44% bank online.

Content marketing success stories

"With La Abuela we have implemented a solid content and SEO strategy through the blog they have created for us. They have managed to transmit our knowhow and enhance our brand image in the digital environment. A committed and passionate agency."

"La Abuela has developed our new website and the content we launch from our blog. Thanks to Floren and his team we have managed to convey the complexity of our business and our methodology in the digital environment positioning us as experts in our sector. They are always ready to help you with a smile."

One of our strategic thinking heads and souls of the agency. There is no project or digital tool that resists him. Pure synonym of vitality, Coca-Cola fan and boxing lover.

Experienced copywriter. She can create a content plan for a restaurant as well as for a gym. Expert in giving the perfect touch to any text. Absolute Disney fan and a great foodie.

  Content marketing calendar template
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