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Benefits of digital marketing

  1. Public health marketing
  2. What are the benefits of digital marketing?
  3. What are marketing benefits?
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Public health marketing

In summary, ARPU allows to have a clear idea, based on the data already known by the company, which products offer a lower ROI. In short, it facilitates decision making and will help to adapt the business strategy according to each segment to increase commercial profitability.

The best use of this metric is to compare ourselves with competitors or other vertical companies. Typically ARPU is used to analyze and compare subscription-based businesses. If we know the users that a competitor has and the price of their services, we can calculate ARPU to compare our company with the closest direct rivals.

Thanks to this metric we can analyze the users received in each conversion channel to see if any of them is standing out from the rest. In this way, we will be able to see if we are investing more in the outstanding channels and thus we will have possibilities to improve the final profit.

By offering information based on real company data, it allows us to know which are the most popular services and the price range that works best for us. With all this information, it is possible to develop a commercial strategy that enhances those business segments with the greatest potential for growth.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is important because a brand has a valuable asset for the growth of the company and helps to establish a bigger and better presence in digital channels where consumers are. When you invest in digital marketing you are helping your business grow.

What are marketing benefits?

Thanks to all its advantages, Marketing continues to bring a lot of value to companies, from positioning the brand in the market and increasing its visibility, to achieving customer loyalty, generating trust and empathy.

Healthcare marketing strategies

We align traditional communication with the advantages of marketing to build digital assets with which you can increase the visibility of your brand, boost the connection with your audience and increase your sales through the Internet.

The best way to create and retain digital communities is through a bidirectional communication. At Tu PAR Digital we help you define your buyer persona, consolidate your digital presence, reach new audiences and generate conversions.

We manage your website to ensure its proper functioning and protect it against attacks from third parties. We specialize in supporting e-commerce platforms such as Prestahop, Woocommerce and Magento.

PAR Digital is a great support to our e-commerce, thanks to the fast and efficient response we can improve our processes, using our website to serve our customers where Valeria, Martin have a great team to solve urgent problems with the scalpel in hand.

Valeria is a professional with a lot of capacity, she has a positive and enterprising attitude to solve any problem in the best way. Ell and her team at PAR Digital are, undoubtedly, a great asset for any digital communication work.

Healthcare marketing examples

We work in the most competitive and complex industries. In these industries, the combination of our technology, technical know-how and business knowledge makes the difference for the benefit of our clients.

The work process has been very simple, they have always met the deadlines, they have perfectly understood the operation and timing of an NGO and the truth is that they offer more than competitive budgets.

Our technology includes an operational-financial analysis, allows us to segment visitors according to their Lifetime potential and to semi-automatically optimize the accounts. We focus on three business solutions:

Our company is led by two Instituto de Empresa professionals specialized in digital marketing and data science, with experience in business management and extensive international background.

Health marketing objectives

Our goal is to be the ally of companies that want to take their brand to the next level and seek to venture into the digital world. We use digital marketing strategies and internet advertising, social networks, search engines, websites, SEO and SEM tools, so that your brand stands out and is visible 24/7, making it easy for your potential customers to find you.

Customers are the key for any business to succeed. Knowing, classifying and empathizing with our customers or visitors will make us anticipate their needs, developing a viable and profitable business.

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