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  1. Glowth Talent, la división especializada en talento de Adglow.
    1. Godixital - Digital Marketing Agency for SMEs
    2. Digital Marketing Agency - DM Social Media | Marbella
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Glowth Talent, la división especializada en talento de Adglow.

Sus oficinas están situadas en Cornellá de Llobregat, muy bien comunicadas tanto en coche como en transporte público. Como Asesor de Marketing tu principal responsabilidad será contactar con clientes existentes/anteriores para realizar el seguimiento de las diferentes campañas lanzadas por el departamento de Marketing e informar y generar interés (leads). No se trata de ventas ni de "teléfono frío".

- Participarás en campañas para cualquiera de nuestras divisiones de producto (balanzas e instrumentación analítica para laboratorios, soluciones de pesaje industrial, instrumentos de medida de parámetros químicos en línea, entre otros), así como... Talent Search PeopleExtranjero10 días atrás ...¿Para qué tareas (responsabilidades)?

Desarrollo de soportes de comunicación y animación de las redes sociales. PRESENTACIÓN DE LA EMPRESA Nuestro socio es una empresa del sector tecnológico, que se dedica a la producción de tarjetas magnéticas. Trabaja en colaboración con empresas de logística, tiendas e instituciones gubernamentales. Está ubicada en el centro de negocios de la Ciudad de México.

Godixital - Digital Marketing Agency for SMEs

His collaboration has been essential to launch our line of business. Eric has done a thorough job in analyzing the traditional state of the Eurobackoffice website and a dedicated work to create an action plan refocused on a clear strategy and with a great vision to online marketing.

With his great analytical skills and his proactivity, Eric has proposed an action plan that can be implemented, adapted to our resources, both economic and human, without forgetting the line we want to follow in the company.

In his consulting mission for Vantomachines, Eric studied our company very carefully. He analyzed the market and our international potential to propose a digital marketing strategy adapted to our human and economic resources. The action plan we implemented is clear and results-oriented.

I contacted Eric because of the good references received and the experience to date has been very positive. He has a great capacity for analysis that allowed him to understand the business model of, see its weaknesses and propose solutions and practical alternatives to improve results.

Digital Marketing Agency - DM Social Media | Marbella

We break out in a cold sweat every time we are asked from above to find digital talent. Not only do we face a shortage of talent and an ultra-competitive market. We also face a lack of agility in processes that take forever and require a lot of effort for few results.

More than 80% of hiring process leaders suffer burnout from major challenges that they struggle to overcome: shrinking budgets, lack of resources and the investment of large efforts in purely administrative tasks that take them out of the focus of being architects of the new workforce.

Sometimes I feel out of the loop. I invest time in training, process improvement, inbound recruiting... and other business leaders get talent on demand for their teams quickly and efficiently without needing our mediation to make decisions.

Seven out of ten companies today have problems attracting and retaining the best talent... The best talent today is freeworker, what does this new worker profile consist of, what are they looking for, what are they looking for... We tell you all about it so that you can keep the best...

How to create a vacancy system in WordPress

decision makingWe analyze every point of your brands' journey in real time, detecting opportunities that elevate the impact of your business decisions towards the future.we are your partner in digital strategic innovation consultingWe bring you closer to the future and connect it to the present of your brands to have an accelerated and sustainable growth in relation to the market.our trajectory, expertise and impact in the region is backed by great references in the industry: Our LDM Digital solutions

the dots We connect the current situation, challenges and goals of your business in a holistic model through a customized omnichannel strategy Analyze We immerse ourselves in the client's ecosystem and deeply understand the business model. Discover We research new trends and partner with new players that contribute to our digital strategy. Define KPIS in real time for informed decision making. Design We implement digital strategies with real-time measurement and analysis through Business & Data Intelligence. Leverage We adapt new technologies that elevate strategy performance and optimize tangible results. Enlight We generate a constant evolution as a result of the detection of learnings in each applied practice. Results

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