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List of digital marketing channels

  1. How to Send "SERVER" Messages on DISCORD!
    1. How to create a Multi Vendor MARKETPLACE on
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How to Send "SERVER" Messages on DISCORD!

We are not going to evaluate here which of the available channels is better to achieve more sales. But we can assure you that the best way to fill your sales funnel with potential customers is to do email marketing.

But it is not about sending mass emails whenever you feel like it, but to establish a content strategy according to a previous planning, aligned with the general objectives of your ecommerce.

Many online stores periodically send newsletters to their subscribers as a way of doing content marketing with those who are part of their email list. While others, for example, send discount coupons by email or send messages to their customers' inboxes with new features or functionalities of their products.

Now that you are clearer about what email marketing is, and we have even given you some tips on how to create an email that is valid for your strategy, you should learn some essential basic concepts.

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How to create a Multi Vendor MARKETPLACE on

Web DevelopmentYou will have a strategic Website supported by a deep understanding of your target audience, where we study your digital competence to ensure a seamless UX/UI user experience.

That's why we offer mentoring to entrepreneurs, being our main goal to support the development and resolution of problems that may present the ventures at any given time.

Our 3 Mentoring package is equivalent to 270 min. You will be able to choose three mentoring sessions in different areas according to the needs of your venture and we will schedule three different sessions per requested area.

CAP1: People's Party Digital Stripe

Our most sincere desire is to become an extension of the companies we support. We know the value of working in the long term where both parties benefit. Schedule a meeting or send us a message and we will gladly review your project.

SOCIAL MEDIA LEADSOur digital marketing agency knows the cost and time involved in the management of social media channels and that we are subject to sudden and abrupt changes in these platforms, so we always seek to focus on lead capture. Social Media Leads

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They are all those advertising and sales actions that were carried out with traditional media (off-line) and today are developed through digital media, which enable new tools and better opportunities.

Businessmen friends, it is as simple as this: The world is Digital. All people today are connected and everything we need we are looking for online for our ease and comfort. So where should your business be?


A digital consultancy is responsible for serving organizations and companies in all digital aspects such as, for example, the creation of websites, advice, the establishment of digital channels, creation of digital marketing strategies, or creation of digital platforms and automation of digital systems.

A digital consultancy can help in improving operational systems or creating digitalization programs for businesses or institutions. Currently most individuals choose to conduct their operations using digital systems.

Below, we can see a list of criteria to choose correctly a digital consultancy: creativity, specialization, service and attention. It is important that their service is impeccable and attention to your needs has been clearly addressed from the beginning.

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A digital consultancy can help you create digital marketing strategies or advise you in the selection of the ideal channels for your objectives. We are specialists in digital marketing and our creative strategies will help you achieve the best results.

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