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Marketing and digital business

  1. How to start a digital marketing strategy?
    1. 6 social media marketing strategies
    2. Digital Marketing Basics | SBEP Marketing Class
    3. What the Magic Taught Me about Digital BUSINESS

How to start a digital marketing strategy?

Accelerated and Practical TrainingShort, practical courses that get straight to the point so you learn what really adds value. You won't find any filler - we optimize time to the max!

Get Premium ResourcesIn addition to the training, you'll find premium WordPress tools and resources valued at over $2,000. In addition, you will have access to external tools with special discounts.

Want to Improve Your Marketing Training? Xavier Sanchez has published a book on Digital Business with several teachers with whom he teaches at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in which you can continue learning the current techniques to scale your digital business. Get it!

6 social media marketing strategies

Before we start working with any brand, we look at some key data to determine if your business is ready to scale quickly. Unlike traditional ecommerce digital marketing agencies that only care about your media budget, we focus on your ecommerce metrics first.

Our 3 C's are the fundamental pillars that we apply in each of our projects. These are the ones that ensure the success and profitability of each one, making us an Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency of excellence.

Digital Marketing Basics | SBEP Marketing Class

His collaboration has been essential to launch our line of business. Eric has done a thorough job in analyzing the traditional state of the Eurobackoffice website and a dedicated work to create an action plan refocused on a clear strategy and with a great vision to online marketing.

With his great analytical skills and his proactivity, Eric has proposed an action plan that can be implemented, adapted to our resources, both economic and human, without forgetting the line we want to follow in the company.

In his consulting mission for Vantomachines, Eric studied our company very carefully. He analyzed the market and our international potential to propose a digital marketing strategy adapted to our human and economic resources. The action plan we implemented is clear and results-oriented.

I contacted Eric because of the good references received and the experience to date has been very positive. He has a great capacity for analysis that allowed him to understand the business model of, see its weaknesses and propose solutions and practical alternatives to improve results.

What the Magic Taught Me about Digital BUSINESS

If you are thinking of entering the digital world with your brand or company, you should know the most relevant differences between digital and traditional marketing. This way, you get a more concrete idea of the advantages and opportunities you find on both fronts.

The first thing you should be clear about is that the function of marketing, traditional or not, is to execute a commercial strategy to attract, retain and retain customers by solving their needs (You can also read: 3 tips to start a Digital Marketing plan).

Its focus is on sales by focusing its efforts on the product or service. The channels it usually uses are direct sales, press, radio, television, events, printed material and P.O.P. (point of sale).

In traditional marketing, segmentation is done taking into account data such as age, location, purchasing power and education level, while digital marketing considers factors such as the interests and tastes of the target group, in addition to age, income, geo-location and education level.

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