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Internal marketing company examples

  1. Marketing companies examples
  2. Which companies use internal marketing?
  3. Where is internal marketing applied?
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Marketing companies examples

Internal marketing is a tool used by companies to carry out promotional and communication actions among workers so that they feel identified with the value of the brand and the products and/or services and gain motivation in their daily activities.

When we talk about internal marketing in a company, it is normal to refer to workers as "internal customers", since, as an example, they are supposed to "buy in" to the mission, vision and values of the business.

Benefits for the company1. Increased employee satisfaction: it makes them stay longer in the company, providing a benefit to it, since it reduces the cost of human resources significantly.

2. Increased motivation: motivated workers will fight for the company, providing value and fighting for the business to work. For the company, this usually translates into an increase in profits.

3. Customer loyalty: if a company's team has a clear customer orientation, the business will find it easier to build customer loyalty, a vital aspect for any company. Customer loyalty, in turn, makes it possible to attract new customers with greater peace of mind.

Which companies use internal marketing?

Some examples of companies that practice Internal Marketing: Google. Apple. Redbull.

Where is internal marketing applied?

Internal marketing is that which is done within the company itself with the aim of "selling" it to its employees. At first glance, it may seem less important than external marketing (aimed at consumers), since it does not generate direct economic benefits in marketing.

Examples of content marketing in social networks

WE FOCUS ON PEOPLE because we believe it is possible to generate behaviors within organizations that drive change and improvement. We generate empathy, review processes and seek understanding to create innovative solutions.

Does your company have communication problems related to marketing, sales, employees, processes and/or technology? Our challenge is to find the right solution, each person is different, and each company is different! Finding the particular answer is our challenge, and we enjoy it infinitely!

Our challenge is to solve such problems, finding the most appropriate tools and with the best budget. For that, we need to analyze the data and evaluate the situation to come up with the best possible solution.

We constantly use the Design Thinking methodology to integrate innovation, user experience, brand value. Design Thinking is a particular approach to problem solving, focused on people and the end use of the product. The goal is to develop innovative products for solutions of any segment, which are suitable for the user's needs.

Examples of job content

So it is as the internal marketing or endomarketing being one of the concepts addressed in marketing in general today, managing to get into as a business model in most companies that exist today. This is one of the reasons that motivated us to develop this case study that you will see below, which is based on research and analysis of variables that comprise the company Petrofac, and if it has managed to implement the concept in their daily processes.

The case study will be implemented by a descriptive type of research, which with the collection of sufficient quantitative and qualitative information will strengthen the main hypothesis, we will use statistical data that will be collected from surveys, interviews and focus groups. In the end, with the analysis and the conclusions we reach, we seek to demonstrate the positive impact that employees from different countries and different cultures have had on the company to achieve the success it has achieved so far, and in the same way as the company has influenced each of the lives of these people regardless of where they are working, the company always seeks to make them feel part of it.

Digital marketing agency in Monterrey

What is internal marketing? The concept of internal marketing refers to all those communicative activities dedicated to the promotion of the brand value and the corporate identity and image of a company among its own employees. This type of marketing, closely related to human resources management and managed by the management team and top management in conjunction with this department, can be the key to improving your company's performance. Do you want to know how? Let me tell you how.

-Company: This is what we sell through better working conditions, greater employee participation in decision making, a better working environment and greater motivation and integration, which will have a direct impact on profitability.

-Internal communication/participation: Our sales tool will be an internal communication plan. This plan should be horizontal and its success will depend on its correct upward and downward communication. Ascending for the transmission of policies, objectives and actions to sell the brand image and ascending to know the opinion of our internal market.

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