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  2. What tasks do marketing agencies perform?
  3. Which branch of marketing is the best paid?
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Free digital marketing pages

Business communication is changing. With this, the need to hire new profiles for digital marketing jobs specialized in a particular area arises. Brands focus their key strategies on online in order not to lose growth opportunities, so they increasingly demand professionals with specific knowledge. Do you want to know what will be the most demanded jobs in digital marketing this 2023? Keep reading!

Businesses now have the need for a profile that is able to work on building sustainable, profitable, scalable, replicable and lasting marketing strategies aimed at business growth through digital marketing actions.

eSports has entered the industry consolidating itself as one of the sectors with the highest engagement capacity and conversion rates of the moment thanks to a storytelling based on a successful strategy.

Those in charge of generating all this transmedia narrative are sports marketing professionals, highly demanded profiles within eSports and all associated by-products.

What tasks do marketing agencies perform?

It is a company in charge of managing the marketing activities of its clients, with the objective of attracting consumers, increasing sales, strengthening branding and generating value for the market.

Which branch of marketing is the best paid?

The highest paid professional profile in the marketing industry corresponds to the brand manager, who is in charge of leading the strategies in favor of a brand's reputation.

Digital marketing agency definition

Anita Figueiredo is a senior marketing consultant with specialization in strategy and planning, digital channel, brand development, product launch and corporate content management.

Since 2015 she has been mentoring entrepreneurs at Endeavor and NAVES competition. In 2017 she joined as a teacher of the Strategic Marketing executive program at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, also collaborating in the Ventures Academy program at Universidad de San Andrés. Since 2020 he has been teaching in the Content Strategy and Management program at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

Digital marketing agency prices

Open English is a leader in online English language education. We are a premier employer with a policy and programs focused on the personal/professional balance of each of our team members; a team that is innovative and dedicated to improving the lives of our students.

We are constantly looking for the best professionals in their fields to join a culture of talent. Open English offers stimulating careers and opportunities to collaborate and implement new ideas, all in a joyful and inspiring work environment.

Marketing agency spain

Integral marketing services that scale the results of your business, we work as a team to scale the sales of your business through an integral management of all your communication channels. We optimize your digital ecosystem by adopting remarketing, subscription, loyalty and content creation strategies.

Rocio LópezFinancial AnalystYou want to take the next step with your business, schedule a 100% free discovery call with the team by filling out the form below, the results you want are just a click away!

Thank you very much for contacting us! We will contact you via Whatsapp or through a phone call to coordinate a 20 minutes virtual meeting, if you prefer to speed up the contact process you can write us via Whatsapp below

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