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Hi. My name is Johnny Vigas.
I’m an art director and  graphic designer focused on brand strategy.


Insight + Process + Simplicity > Empathy



My professional career began as an art director and advertising creative in advertising agencies with very high creative profiles. I have learned to explore new paths and face problems from unusual points of view, but always with a very solid strategic plan.


Design and brands. As a design enthusiast I focused my career on graphic design and brand development.

I understood the importance of thinking with a design perspective, taking care of details and going deeper into brand values and visual narratives.   


“Simplicity and complexity each other”

John Maeda. The Laws of Simplicity.


Designing before designing. My current approach. Defining a brand through design. The designer as a creator of processes beyond images. Design as a differential value. The visual narrative. Closeness. Empathy.


I love technology, creativity, design, people and telling stories.



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