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Functions of marketing management

  1. Importance of product management
  2. What are the functions of a marketing manager?
  3. What is marketing management?
    1. Customer Management
    2. Administrative process model
    3. Product management pdf

Importance of product management

This concern will always exist among employees and managers who regularly fail to realize the magnitude of the department's duties, as well as not understanding the purpose and essence of the department.

For example, there may be a short-term goal of holding a sales promotion event. Or it may be a long-term goal, to enter a new market. And for simplicity's sake, here are the most basic departmental objectives:

Although, globally speaking, all the objectives of the marketing department, as well as the company in general, boil down to one thing: to increase profits. Whichever way you look at it, it's all about generating revenue.

Of course, we have not listed all the functions. This is because the marketing department is involved in almost every process in the company, so the functions can be very varied.

It's all very simple. The functions have to do with general strategic decisions and actions, while the tasks are of a local nature, i.e. specific responsibilities of the marketing department.

What are the functions of a marketing manager?

They plan, direct or coordinate marketing policies and programs, such as determining the demand for products and services offered by a company and its competitors, and identifying potential customers.

What is marketing management?

What is marketing management? It is the set of techniques, tools and strategies used in organizations and businesses in general to achieve a common goal: to sell or create alliances.

Customer Management

The marketing department is the area of a company that is in charge of developing sales strategies that help its organizations to position itself in a profitable place in the market, making itself known, improving the offer, increasing sales and profits, optimizing resources and, above all, making customers loyal to the product or service.

Imagine what a company would be like without a team in charge of satisfying customer requirements and needs. Undoubtedly, the relationship between both parties (company-customer) would be plagued with problems; moreover, profits would not be the same. Here is why this department is so important.

The first research consists of gathering the necessary information about the market with respect to the product, the distribution and the media to be used for its promotion. Consumer needs are analyzed, such as preferences, tastes, desires, habits and customs. It is in this phase that marketing experiments are developed and carried out, such as market research with instruments to survey consumer needs, or to create new consumer needs.

Administrative process model

SeleccionaApply for an interviewOwn grants and financingUniversity Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management - Specialization in Strategic ManagementUniversity Master's Degree in Marketing Management - Specialization in Strategic Communication

SeleccionaApply for an interviewOwn scholarships and financingUniversity Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management - Specialization in Strategic ManagementUniversity Master's Degree in Marketing Management - Specialization in Strategic Communications

This university degree is focused on training future leaders who will take advantage of changes to turn them into opportunities. The Master will help you to set up a marketing plan with which you will be able to establish different marketing strategies that will help you to position your products and/or services within a highly competitive market.

The curriculum of the Master in Marketing Management is structured in two semesters. Each of them develops the competencies and skills necessary to consolidate your professional career in the field of marketing management and communication, and also allows you to acquire advanced knowledge in digital marketing and e-commerce to successfully address the digital economy.

Product management pdf

Deliver successful projects, from concept to completion, with the help of free marketing project management templates. The selection of customizable templates below includes Microsoft Excel and Word options.

On this page, you'll find a marketing project management plan template, a project management checklist, a marketing dashboard template and calendar templates for planning a project timeline. You will also have access to expert advice on marketing management practices, tools and skills.

Use this template as an outline for developing a strategic marketing project plan. You'll find a table of contents, along with sections for defining your intended audience, listing time and resource requirements, addressing potential obstacles, and setting performance standards. This template is also useful for Agile marketing because it includes sections for planning and tracking sprints. For more Agile project planning templates, such as a sprint backlog, see the "Best Agile Project Management Excel Templates."

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