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Marketing mix process example

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Marketing Strategies Course

Who has already studied the subject, probably has dedicated a portion of his time to remember and have on the tip of the tongue, the meaning of the marketing mix, formed by the 4p's:

Therefore, we are going to fill this article with clear examples and objective explanations to help you know well what the 4p's of marketing are, separately and together, and how to use this tool to your advantage.

Marketing comes from the word market, which can be translated as market, or "to market", from the verb to market. The "-ing" is the suffix that can be used to present an action that is happening right now.

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Now let's go back to our situation: it would not have been enough for Havaianas to create colorful sandals (Product), to create a new value table (Price), to invest in distribution and sales dynamics (Place) or to make fun and colorful commercials (Promotion).

What is the marketing mix and examples?

The Marketing Mix is all those actions that must be planned around the product, the price, the promotion and the distribution of the product. A company must be very clear about what it wants to offer and to whom, and it must also know how to do it and where.

How to apply the marketing mix examples?

Examples of marketing mix:

Promotion: TV commercials, radio spots, advertising in social networks, ads on websites, written press in sports newspapers, etc. Processes: Narrative of hops production in the provinces of Peru, transfer to the factory and work of production personnel.

Free online pricing course

In this second point you must define the cost and price of the product. That is, it is not only about choosing the amount of money you are going to ask for in exchange for the product, it also consists of identifying if the product is profitable with respect to its production cost. There are many factors to take into account in this second pillar of marketing, such as: payment for services, sales premises or establishment, materials, collaborators, production time and cost, etc.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the price must be competitive in the market, for this reason, it is important to investigate the prices offered by competitors to maintain a range of agreement in the market.

It is important to find the form of promotion that best suits your product or service, because no matter how good your product is, you will not achieve sales if you do not make yourself known. Currently, there are hundreds of different ways to promote a business, either in a traditional way, through media such as TV, radio or print media; or digital media such as social networks, e-mail, videos, ebooks, etc.

Specialized marketing strategy program

Customer profiling is a lifestyle visualization tool that combines creative imagination techniques with narrative and statistical methods to fabricate easily interpretable representations of the consumer's daily life. This paper proposes to employ the data-driven method allied with the narrative approach to model attractive player profiles. Developing a profile is a sensible process that uses data and statistics to produce credible results. Therefore, the methodology primarily involved exploratory factor analysis to uncover latent variables influencing player lifestyle and non-hierarchical cluster analysis to separate data cases with different characteristics and group members with similar attributes. The data set analyzed brought together 1,588 participants from 80 countries. The results support the customer profiling methodology as a valid tool for consumer behavior analysis and lifestyle visualization.

Digital marketing program

If your company, entity or brand wants to reach its potential customers and achieve specific objectives, it will be important to have a strategic plan that will help you through different means to achieve it.

This analysis will help us to know the competition in the market, to identify actions taken, to recognize threats and business opportunities, and thus, to develop and plan strategies.

After making our brand appear as an option (phase 2, brand prestige), we have to make them trust our brand, generate an emotional bond that influences the sales process.

We reiterate the appearance in the media, testimonials, collaborations, etc. The media will no longer be only the best known generalists, but more specialized in the sector, or even microbloggers.

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  How to do a marketing mix
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