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Online marketing strategies examples

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Digital marketing examples of brands

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Home > Online Marketing > Viral video marketing: Strategies to follow to make your videos go viralViral video marketing: Strategies to follow to make your videos go viral

However, creating a viral video and getting it to spread quickly in a short time is not so easy. There is no magic formula that guarantees that our video will attract the attention of users and that they will like it enough to end up becoming viral and that it will be commented on in family and friends' circles. However, there are some guidelines that will help you promote your video and get better results in your viral video marketing strategies.

In order for it to be commented and shared more easily, it is important that users can do it in one click and that the URL to embed it in other sites is accessible. Otherwise, your video may get a lot of likes, but users may not share it. This is unforgivable.

Entertainment Marketing examples

Digital Marketing, also known as Digital Marketing is the set of activities that a company (or person) executes online in order to attract new business, create relationships and develop a brand identity. Among its strategies are SEO, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.

How to understand a subject that encompasses so much? Does any Internet action of my company characterize Digital Marketing? What are the best strategies? How to extract the maximum potential from these actions?

If your answer is "Yes", we created this complete content for you to understand exactly what Digital Marketing is, its main benefits, the strategies used and how your company can take advantage of it.

Philip Kotler is considered the father of Marketing, and defines it as "The social process by which individuals and groups of people satisfy wants and needs by creating, offering and freely negotiating products and services of value with others".

Examples of digital marketing

In advertising, brands are equated with gods and trends with religions. But consumerism, which has its origin in the capitalist economic model, has also given rise to advertising techniques such as Ambush Marketing, which can be considered as a type of guerrilla marketing (low-cost and impactful advertising), and whose impact has caused numerous criticisms within the advertising field. In this article we tell you all about what Ambush Marketing is and examples of how to carry it out.

Another example is the case of Carlsberg beers, which made an ad in which they filled a movie theater with men who looked like bikers and tough guys, leaving only two seats free. When the couples entered, not all of them dared to sit down in front of such a panorama. If they did, the whole room applauded them and gave them a beer of the brand.

The cases we have mentioned of American Express, as well as Burger King or Axe, are an example of indirect Ambush Marketing, because they simply refer to or subtly suggest an event or viral phenomenon, without being official sponsors (zero cost).

Examples of content marketing in social networks

Digital branding allows any company to make its presence known anywhere, even in the palm of your hand. After all, if even pets have an Instagram account, why shouldn't any brand have one?

Another great example is Starbucks, which from its beginnings bet on offering the best experience in a coffee shop, instead of focusing on the quality or taste of its coffee. In terms of digital branding, the company came up with the idea of offering a free WiFi network at a time when it was a 100% novel commercial tactic. Today, its website offers four applications for mobile devices from which it is possible to pay.

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