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How to create a content marketing plan

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Digital media plan pdf

Marketing has different definitions depending on who you ask. Many people define marketing as sales and advertising, but marketing is much more than sales and advertising. Concentrating on sales activities alone will not guarantee that you will develop a long-term customer base. Marketing is about discovering and satisfying the needs and wants of your customers and making a profit. Marketing is also about attracting and retaining customers. You attract customers when you promise and deliver greater value than your competitors. You retain customers when they are consistently satisfied. Marketing is about creating value for customers and extracting value from them at the same time (McDonald and Wilson 2011).

How do you create and extract value from customers? Without going into theoretical details, this includes creating the best mix of what are known as the four "P's" so that the customer receives the greatest benefit per unit cost (value=benefits/cost). The four P's include

Sample media plan

This term was defined for the first time as opposed to Outbound Marketing or traditional marketing, in which messages are sent outwards in order to attract users. We could define it as the marketing methodology that consists of contacting the user to offer our products and services.

Inbound Marketing is a series of techniques and tools based on attracting potential customers in a non-intrusive way. With them, we seek to attract more traffic to our website, make attractive offers to users so that they become leads and guide them through the entire lead nurturing process until they become loyal customers.

Another widely used resource to clarify the different phases of this process is the metaphor of the "conversion funnel": at the beginning of the funnel we have all the users who visit our website or other content, while at the end (narrower) we have those we have managed to convert into customers.

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that seeks to capture the attention of users and attract them to convert with your brand or your website. Meanwhile, Outbound Marketing is the traditional marketing methodology based on the continuous interruption of the user with advertising of various types and media.

How to make a media plan

Before you start producing, it is important to identify the content marketing objectives of your venture. What do you want or need to achieve in the short and medium term. At least cite 2 or 3 objectives. With this insight, you can produce material that aligns with the business plan and define the metrics you will use to measure success.

Of course, if you generate a good strategy and carry it out in the right way, it implies developing quality content that helps your users, that provides them with information and in a visual and attractive way.

Make a weekly and daily calendar where you plan how many main contents you are going to include and how they will be derived in pieces for social networks. There are different platforms where you can organize and automate the publication of your content so you don't always have to be on the lookout.

Sample media plan pdf

If your company, organization or brand wants to reach its potential customers and achieve specific objectives, it will be important to have a strategic plan that will help you through different means to achieve it.

This analysis will help us to know the competition in the market, to identify actions taken, to recognize threats and business opportunities, and thus, to develop and plan strategies.

After making our brand appear as an option (phase 2, brand prestige), we have to make them trust our brand, generate an emotional bond that influences the sales process.

We reiterate the appearance in the media, testimonials, collaborations, etc. The media will no longer be only the best known generalists, but more specialized in the sector, or even microbloggers.

If you do not know how to contact them to ensure a collaboration with fair conditions, we recommend this guide that you can download from the getfluence blog on sponsored posts with all the prices practiced on the market depending on the target and also on the site where you want to publish.

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