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How to format a marketing plan

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Digital marketing plan template

This document should detail your company's objectives, what marketing actions are to be carried out and which ones you are planning to implement. In addition to that, you should mention what resources and budget you have.

On the other hand, the cost of marketing actions will depend on the strategies and tactics you employ and the aggressiveness of your sales plan. It is good to prioritize your strategies and tactics according to the costs and results they generally generate in businesses similar to yours.

The best idea is to create a dashboard or scorecard, where you can monitor the results of your actions on a weekly basis, to act accordingly in case you deviate from the planned course.

In it you will find a detailed description of everything you need to know to start a strategic digital marketing plan. The importance of online positioning, how to increase brand reach and how to improve customer relations are some of the topics covered in depth in this ebook.

Digital marketing plan

Several improvements to journal audits: overall readability has been increased, repeated information has been removed, empty journals are now ignored, and details of applied taxes are included.

We added a new separate definition in terms of payment that supports different tax legislations (included or excluded). Receivable lines are no longer separated, which improves readability of accounting and tracking reports. The payment record wizard suggests using the reduced amount if available. Reconciliation suggests using a calculated prepayment discount if possible.

Set a credit limit per company and/or partner. When the total amount of open invoices for that partner reaches the specified limit, a warning is displayed on sales orders or customer invoices.

Different follow-up contacts can be assigned to a contact. You can exclude a contact from automatic follow-ups. Manually configure follow-up levels on a contact. Improved wizard to create follow-ups. Improved interface: follow-up list, individual report, definition of follow-up levels. Filter follow-up reports on follow-up level.

Smart insights digital marketing strategy

Faced with this tough battle among institutions to attract customers, the evolution of technology has provided them with a wide variety of IT tools and applications that allow them to analyze the state of the market and establish strategies to capture the customer's attention. However, there are many companies that want to do it immediately, using different marketing actions without planning them properly. Such actions often lead to results that are not in line with the established objectives.

To avoid making this type of mistake, it is important that, before launching any type of action, companies develop an adequate marketing plan, in which they establish the set of actions and strategies that they will carry out to achieve the established goals, taking into account their target and knowing how to highlight their sales attributes in comparison with other competing companies.

Once the market analysis has been established, objectives and tactics must be set and implemented through different actions aimed at attracting new customers and building loyalty among existing ones. In order to be well developed, it must follow a series of basic phases that are developed below.

Digital marketing strategy example

A marketing plan is an organized and structured document that defines the business objectives to be achieved in a given period. The document details the strategies and actions to be undertaken to achieve the objectives within the planned timeframe. It is integrated and forms part of a company's strategic plan.

External aspects include the competition, the primary market of interest, current customers and buyer personas. The profiles of ideal customers (buyer personas) will be used later in many moments within the marketing plan and in the definition of tactics and their implementation.

Once the analysis of the initial situation has been carried out, we must define the objectives. This is a very important step for our marketing strategy to be successful. This definition will determine whether we can later establish the strategies, tactics and measurement elements that will allow us to justify the investment made.

At this point we must set our strategy based on our objectives, which can also help us to correct and enhance the data we have extracted from our SWOT analysis.

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