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Free market research reports

Free market research reports
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Cnmc consultations

Creating online surveys also means thinking about how the data will be shared. With Eval&GO , you have a link to share your results and export possibilities in many formats (Word, PDF, Excel...).

Eval&GO allows you to create easy surveys in teams and collaborate in the analysis of the surveys. You can manage your surveys within a hierarchical team or in collaboration with people working in different departments of the company.

We guide you and help you to create surveys and organize your accounts according to your objectives. Eval&GO offers you the possibility to appoint an administrator, a supervisor and manage the rights of all users with the Pro+ Team account.

All your data is protected and stored in Europe, specifically in France. Your personal data, surveys, answers, contact lists... are protected and hosted in compliance with European regulations.

Your online surveys are GDPR compliant thanks to specific functions developed by Eval&GO. Your respondents are protected and can exercise their right to modify or delete their personal data at any time.

What is the cost of a market study?

Market Research Cost

Specialized companies charge from $50,000 MXN, depending on what your requirements are, and how complex your market is. Group interviews and surveys are generally the most expensive.

What is a PDF market study?

Market research is a marketing tool that aims to estimate the amount of goods and services from a production unit that customers are willing to purchase at given prices during a specific period.

Reconquista Bishopric

Home Market Research In today's article, we have a guide to help you learn how to conduct market research and gather the information you need to make better decisions for your business.

Market research represents an essential step in the success of an organization. A good initial idea is not enough to create a profitable business. You must also know the market in which you are going to establish yourself.

Market surveys allow you to validate the commercial viability of your project. This is an opportunity to think deeply about the market, and adjust your offer or take the necessary precautions before you start.

Defining the target market is a fundamental part of the project. These are the people who will actually buy your products or services. Therefore, it is important to determine their needs, desires, price sensitivity, quality, quantity, etc.

Describe also their consumption pattern, buying habits and behavior. Where do your target customers come from? Where do they mainly live? This will allow you to prioritize your communication and sales efforts.

FULL Woocommerce English 2023 Tutorial Create

Use sophisticated ranking tools to monitor and analyze every deal related to emerging markets. Up-to-date information includes M&A news, research, thousands of deals and forecasts.

Find companies that match your specific profile requirements, choosing from a wide range of business, financial, index and market data variables. Track competitors, monitor business risks, identify prospects, find key strategic partners and analyze new investment opportunities.

Stay informed of any important developments, when they happen, wherever they happen. Up-to-date, first-hand country news and analysis ensures that your decisions are informed, conclusive and evaluated from all important angles.

Gain an investment advantage by focusing and analyzing a country's outlook with projections from top-notch sources. Data is based on the most important and decisive macro indicators; intuitive classification tools make analysis quick and easy.

National Commission for Markets and Competition

A company can conduct market research online, distributing surveys, implementing online communities or focus groups, regardless of where the participants are located. This in a less expensive way, in less time and collecting a greater amount of data.

This market research allows companies to easily and effectively evaluate the performance of a product or service and gain insight into consumer buying behavior.

Find revenue opportunities: Analyze buying trends to find out what is the strategy for brand positioning or pricing a product correctly and increase the likelihood of success.

Online surveys have great advantages, such as the possibility to avoid human errors, collect more information no matter where you are, see the results in real time, create a professional analysis, etc.

The focus group is an online meeting of 8 to 10 people where a moderator asks different predetermined questions to start a discussion and generate information through people's comments.

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