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Sales and marketing department

  1. Starbucks sales process
  2. What is a sales and marketing department?
  3. What does the marketing department of a company do?
    1. Starbucks Marketing
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Starbucks sales process

If you are the marketing director or CEO of your company, it may be time to grow and you have a big question: whether to hire someone internally to expand your marketing team or to go with a marketing agency.

Or on the other hand, you may be tempted to go with an agency because you know they work with clients from different industries and can bring a fresh and innovative perspective to your marketing.

Surely you have looked at the market and have seen the salaries available to hire someone full time, the investment is surely good, but you are aware that it is always a risk, in case they do not fit in the team, and also because they will be specialized in certain areas of marketing, never in all of them.

With these ideas I hope I have helped you to see which option is the most convenient for you, whether to go for a marketing agency or to have an internal marketing team. You can always choose to combine the two actions as well.

What is a sales and marketing department?

The sales department is the area in charge of marketing a company's products and services. Their goal is to attract, nurture and convert leads into customers. Once this is achieved, they move on to invest in customer retention.

What does the marketing department of a company do?

The marketing department is responsible for creating the communication of the value of a product, service or brand, and directing it to a certain segment of the public. This function includes the dissemination of the sales promotion, which involves communication with the target public and customers.

Starbucks Marketing

When we talk about CEO, CFO, CIO, COO and other acronyms we are referring to the top managers of a company that are part of the C-Level or C-Suite. Although Spanish speakers have different names for these positions, the acronyms from English are currently used. In this article we will define what they mean, what type of positions they are and what their function is.

COO (Chief Operating Officer). Chief Operating Officer, oversees how the company's product creation and distribution system is working to make sure all systems are working well. Often working as COO serves as training for the CEO position: it's a natural step, since the COO already understands the company's mission and goals and is the CEO's right-hand man.

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). The CMO is responsible for marketing activities, including sales management, product development, advertising, market research and customer service. His main concern is to maintain a stable relationship with end customers and to communicate with all other departments so that they are involved in marketing activities.

Starbucks International Marketing

The highest grossing and least stressed online businesses know how to strategically delegate to a trusted team... Want to get your online business off the ground and make sure your funnels and launches work, all without the stress and hassle of orchestrating and setting up all the sales processes?

If there was a Tinder where marketing teams meet entrepreneurs to see if a relationship would develop, we would be one of those who would say "we are looking for a long term relationship, not a chance meeting".

We are a young team with experience, we belong to the community of the best marketers in Europe. In addition, separately we have also set up companies in different sectors (ecommerce, tourism, cryptocurrencies...), something that gives us a strategic vision and an understanding of business that few marketing teams have.

We are millennials. For us, professionalism and proximity are not incompatible, quite the contrary. That is why we have a direct, personal, close and trusting communication with the people we work with.

Starbucks marketing campaign

The sales percentage can be understood as a financial forecast based on the sales made to evaluate the economic future of a company. In order to carry out the calculation, it will be essential to know exactly all the expenses incurred in the business.

The first step in calculating this percentage is to determine how much sales are expected to increase. Then, it will be necessary to identify which of the company's accounts can be related to total sales. These could be accounts receivable, accounts payable, cost of goods sold, or inventory.

Once this percentage is obtained, it will be possible to understand exactly how much of the sales revenue is allocated to cost of goods sold. This figure will be essential for forecasting the economic future and budgeting the company's necessary expenses.

Also, it is necessary to take into account that this method assumes a short-term approach to the financial activity of a company. For this reason, it will be necessary to combine this method with other strategies in the event that the company needs to deal with long-term issues, which could otherwise be detrimental.

  Head of sales and marketing
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