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  1. Types of financial ratios
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Types of financial ratios

When you invest you are putting money to work in the hope of earning a return over a period of time. It is important to consider both factors: both the amount of the return and the time that elapses.

It consists of calculating the rate of return at which an investment should grow from the initial amount to the final amount, assuming that the profits are reinvested at the end of each period of the investment's life.

CAGR is one of the most accurate ways to estimate the actual returns of an equity investment over time if the dividends earned are reinvested. In this way, the CAGR of different investments can be compared on a like-for-like basis, whether the company pays dividends or not.

Calculating the compound annual growth rate or CAGR can help the investor better understand the return on assets over time so that better investment decisions can be made.

Management ratios

Financial ratios: types, formulas, interpretation and examples The perception and instinct of managers, shareholders and directors of an organization are important when making decisions. However, successful companies do not define their course based on these factors. Beyond personal criteria, planning and decision making must be carried out through the analysis of hard data from financial ratios.

Financial ratios are indexes or indicators resulting from the relationship between two economic figures, coming from the financial statements of an organization, such as the income statement, the cash flow statement or the balance sheet. With this, it is possible to evaluate the overall financial situation of the company, if it has an effective management or to identify financial trends over time.

The result will depend on the type of company and the activity it performs. However, generally, if the result is greater than 1, it means that the company will be able to pay its debts. If, on the other hand, the value is less than 1, it can be translated into solvency problems.

Financial ratio formula

Supervisory Entity: The Ministry of Finance ( provides general oversight of the pension fund (provident fund) program. The Workers' Provident Fund (, administered by a tripartite board of directors, manages contributions and benefits and is responsible for investing members' funds. The Ministry of Human Resources ( provides general oversight of the social insurance program. The Social Security Organization (SOCSO) (, administered by a tripartite board of directors, administers the social security program and collects contributions.

Administering Entities: The CPF is administered by a tripartite board of government, labor, employer, and industry representatives that is appointed by ministers. The CPF is responsible for the custody of funds and administering the program. However, it has no investment responsibilities. The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) is the agency responsible for investing the scheme's assets.

Financial ratios excel formulas

We are a Latin American investment manager that develops a balanced portfolio of investments focused on financial and related services. We are guided by the purpose of creating well-being and harmonious development for people, organizations and society.

With the strategic objective of obtaining sustainable profitability, we seek to provide our shareholders with an economic return that exceeds the cost of capital and to create value for our other stakeholders, with a long-term vision.

- Suramericana, a subsidiary specializing in the insurance industry, as a trends and risk manager, provides capabilities to individuals and companies in nine countries. It is the third largest Latin American insurance company in terms of premiums written in the region.

- SURA Asset Management, a subsidiary expert in savings, investment and asset management, with presence in six countries2. It is a regional leader in the pension industry and is positioned as an investment platform for individuals and institutional clients.

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