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Fashion industry market share

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  2. How big is the fashion industry?
  3. How much money does the fashion industry move in Spain?
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Fashion market 2022

In 2022, the sportswear market gained a value of USD 293 billion and would gain a ground to a value of USD 427.4 billion. During 2023-2028, the market is anticipated to grow at a robust pace at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.90% over the forecast period.

The sports apparel market is driven by drivers such as growing popularity of athletics and sports, increasing participation of women in sports, and rising spending on health and fitness products.

Major players in the sports apparel market include Nike, inc, Adidas AG, Puma SE, Lululemon Athletica Inc, Under Armour Inc, ASICS Corporation, FILA Holdings Corp, Columbia Sportswear Company, Li Ning (China) Sports Goods Co, Ltd, and ANTA Sports Products Limited, among others.

The athletic footwear market in Argentina is expanding due to the growing awareness of the benefits of exercising and the increasing participation of the younger generation in sports footwear ...

How big is the fashion industry?

The estimated value of this sector globally is US$3 trillion, according to the report Precarious labor is in fashion. In Mexico, it generates more than 2.1 trillion pesos in annual income, but of these profits, companies allocate only 4% to the payment of salaries.

How much money does the fashion industry move in Spain?

Turnover in 2021 for the textile and apparel industry is estimated at €147 billion, an increase of 11% compared to 2019/2018.

Fashion Reports

A challenge for the fashion industry has been online marketing, the classic marketing process has been displaced by a brief click. Making a piece more attractive through a screen has not been an easy task for many, however, the new diffusion model has been an advantage for new ventures.

Another of the latent challenges within the fashion industry is to become a sustainable and sustainable business, the current population demands that the industry reduces its environmental impact and that its products are not the result of labor exploitation in developing countries.

Textile industry in Latin America

Do you know how effective your company's efforts are at acquiring new customers? Generally, it is the marketing and sales teams that are in charge of attracting and acquiring those customers. And while their main task should be to create exceptional strategies to attract new customers, it is also important that they optimize resources to attract customers with the lowest possible investment.

This is where customer acquisition cost, also known by the acronym "CAC", comes in, which will tell you how effective your strategies are, as well as the resources you are allocating to this important task.

In this article you will discover how you can calculate this cost, as well as some ways to reduce it in your company. In addition, we share some examples and key information that will help you make this calculation an integral part of your organization's operations.

A company's CAC (or "cost of customer acquisition") is the total cost of sales and marketing required to obtain a new customer during a specific period. Businesses use this ratio to track their profitability, because it lets them know how many effective customers they gained with a certain amount of resources.

Fashion Economic Report 2020

Textile refers to a type of cloth or fabric produced by using thin yarns, fibers and filaments from natural, man-made or combined sources. There are certain textiles that exhibit properties, such as high resistance to acids, alkalis, temperatures and moisture. Because of these properties, textiles are widely used in the manufacture of clothing, padding and insulation materials, carpets, air filters and coated fabrics.

Some of the key global players include BSL Limited, Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd., Paramount Textile Limited, Paulo de Oliveira, S.A., Successori Reda SpA, Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co., Ltd., Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre LLC, and others.

This study by Informes de Expertos (IDE) provides a detailed analysis of the Latin America Textile Market, assesses the current and future trends, opportunities, and challenges, covers value chain analysis, key company profiles and an in-depth assessment based on Porter's five forces model, along with a SWOT analysis.

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