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Search engine market share worldwide

  1. Buscadores más usados 2022
  2. What is Google's market share?
  3. How to search for market share?
  4. What is greater market share?
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Buscadores más usados 2022

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What is Google's market share?

The Google browser took first place in the ranking of search engines with the highest number of users in both 2021 and 2022, with a global market share of over 92%, followed by Bing, with a growing percentage of close to 3%.

How to search for market share?

Market share can be calculated by dividing the amount of product sales by the total amount of product sales and multiplying the result by 100.

What is greater market share?

What does it mean to increase market share? Increasing market share progressively means that your company has an increasing number of sales and potential customers who are aware of the institution and want to interact with it. Having a high number of sales is extremely positive for your company.

Search engine market

However, its enormous popularity could also be a negative thing, since the competition for organic or paid positioning becomes enormous. Appearing at the top of the search results page is not easy at all, entailing costly efforts and resources.

In part, the success Yandex has had in Russia may be due to the importance given, from the very beginning, to the complex Cyrillic alphabet. Yandex has been expanding into other countries, such as Turkey, where many of its services are well received by users.

With close to 30 million users per month, spending on innovation, as well as its presence in many countries of the former Soviet Union, it cannot be denied a place among the top search engines of today. Again, if you run an eCommerce or any other business and want to have a presence in Russia, don't forget Yandex.

Although many of them are far from being the most used search engines in the world, it seems interesting to take a look at their functionalities, features or appearance; to observe, in short, the variety of possibilities that users have when surfing the net.


Use sophisticated ranking tools to monitor and analyze every deal related to emerging markets. Up-to-date information includes M&A news, research, thousands of deals and forecasts.

Find companies that match your specific profile requirements, choosing from a wide range of business, financial, index and market data variables. Track competitors, monitor business risks, identify prospects, find key strategic partners and analyze new investment opportunities.

Stay informed of any important developments, when they happen, wherever they happen. Up-to-date, first-hand country news and analysis ensures that your decisions are informed, conclusive and evaluated from all important angles.

Gain an investment advantage by focusing and analyzing a country's outlook with projections from top-notch sources. Data is based on the most important and decisive macro indicators; intuitive classification tools make analysis quick and easy.

Market share of google

That is why below we will leave you a list of the most popular search engines in 2022. With this information you will find internet search engine alternatives for your marketing strategies, which will help you to improve your website traffic.

On the other hand, browsers are the software by which we can access the internet, without which it would be impossible to go to our favorite search engine. Generally, browsers are installed on devices (mobiles, tablets, computers) and depend on the operating system that hosts them (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.).

Also known as indexes, they are those that present listings of resources to consult. They are organized by categories or topics, and offer links to pages, videos, PDF or audio files, among others, that can help solve the user's query. They are databases, especially for specialized queries, and rely heavily on human management to feed them.

Yahoo!, in addition to being an Internet search engine, is considered a portal that offers users a wide range of products and functions such as news, shopping, travel and e-mail in one place.

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