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Marketing tactics for social media

  1. 6 reasons to invest in content marketing
    2. Introduction to New Business Marketing
    3. Digital Marketing and e-Business

6 reasons to invest in content marketing

One of the mantras of marketing is to learn how to turn threats into opportunities. Virtually any market niche can always look for an opportunity when presented with a threat, in some way or another, you just have to know the tools to do it.

It is important to give a message of reassurance to employees, customers, potential consumers and people who are part of the company's community. These are difficult times, so we must try to convey messages of trust and proximity.

What we look for in others these days is, above all, humanity, not trying to sell us something. Therefore, in your communications (social networks, email marketing, calls), solidarity and empathy must prevail.

In this confinement we only have one thing clear: everything in life ends, good or bad. Therefore, this situation will end sooner or later. Depending on the sector to which your company belongs, investments in SEM these days can waste more time and money than anything else. The important thing at this point is to be aware of this and to know all the possibilities that exist. Should I stop investing in digital marketing? The answer is no, what you should do is to redirect the investment.

Although it is not a rule, nowadays generating content is one of the main activities of an emerging artist to stay current and present for their followers. As well as to capture the attention of younger and hyper-connected audiences.

Let's talk about Rosalía, one of the most relevant artists of the moment and therefore, one of the most criticized. In each album she experiments (without fear of criticism) with sounds, lyrics, concepts and even personalities, which has earned her the admiration of some and the rejection of others.

When you have your next release ready, before sending it to distribution and leaving it to its fate, you must have an essential marketing plan and the key actions you will take to promote it.

Many businesses and projects see advertising as unnecessary because they feel it is a waste of money (and time). However, if your project is worthwhile on its own, imagine how far you can take it with the help of advertising.

Whether you're an emerging artist or a more experienced artist, there are different types of playlists on Spotify with which you can leverage your profile within the platform. So take note, but above all, let's get to work!

Introduction to New Business Marketing

We merge creativity with analytics and new digital tools, based on business objectives and customer research, to drive scalable and sustainable business growth.

If the product is new, we execute awareness tactics such as influence marketing, event organization, video marketing or guest blogging. On the other hand, if the product is amazing but not in high enough demand, actions would be activated to improve positioning and reputation.

The interpretation of results and customer data will be complementary actions to the strategy for the optimization of all actions, considering a variety of sources, including web analytics platforms, marketing automation, and CRM.

Digital Marketing and e-Business

Innovative tacticsOur methodology of persuasion and digital mobilization allows us to build an electoral movement that differentiates the candidate from the competition, with more influence than the traditional profile of other candidates. We make technology empower your voters and communicate an authentic, original message.

Reputation and democracyWe have experience in systems where democracy is in crisis. We know how to anticipate your opponents' strategies, compete against demagogic speeches and defend your votes on election day. Today, even leaders in the most stable democracies benefit from these precautionary measures.

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