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Pros and cons of social media marketing

  1. Social media marketing pros and cons
    1. Ventajas e inconvenientes de las redes sociales para las empresas
    2. Content marketing pros and cons
    3. Influencer marketing pros and cons

Social media marketing pros and cons

The advantages of social networks for the user are well known, who doesn't have a social profile? These platforms allow us to communicate with the rest of the world and do it instantly.

Precisely that popularity and massive use is what makes them also interesting from the point of view of digital marketing, as they provide us with a means of immediate connection with millions of people related to our brand, which helps us to generate a community around it of profiles interested in what we can offer them and in the same thing that interests us.

This is why social media marketing is a discipline that is generating more and more interest. From the point of view of marketing and its application in the business environment, these are some of the main advantages of social networks:

What is the first thing users do when a brand piques your interest? Search for it on social networks. Any brand that wants to position itself solidly on the Internet must pay attention to the image and management of its social networks.

Ventajas e inconvenientes de las redes sociales para las empresas

Con más del 80% de los consumidores que afirman que las redes sociales -especialmente los contenidos de personas influyentes- influyen significativamente en las decisiones de compra, los profesionales del marketing de todos los sectores están impulsando la evolución del marketing en redes sociales (SMM), que ha pasado de ser una herramienta aislada a convertirse en una fuente polifacética de inteligencia de marketing sobre un público cada vez más importante y creciente.

En 18 años, desde 2004 (cuando MySpace se convirtió en el primer sitio de medios sociales en alcanzar el millón de usuarios) hasta 2022, el espectacular crecimiento de los canales digitales interactivos llevó a los medios sociales a niveles que desafían incluso el alcance de la televisión y la radio. A principios de 2023, había 4.760 millones de usuarios de redes sociales en todo el mundo, más del 59% de la población mundial.

A medida que aumenta el uso de las redes sociales, los profesionales del marketing perfeccionan sus estrategias para aprovechar la importante ventaja competitiva que puede suponer el compromiso con este público clave, incluso con mayor rapidez y eficacia que el marketing tradicional.

El marketing en redes sociales (SMM) (también conocido como marketing digital y e-marketing) es el uso de las redes sociales -las plataformas en las que los usuarios crean redes sociales y comparten información- para construir la marca de una empresa, aumentar las ventas y atraer tráfico a su sitio web. Además de proporcionar a las empresas una forma de interactuar con los clientes existentes y llegar a otros nuevos, el marketing en redes sociales (SMM) cuenta con análisis de datos específicos que permiten a los profesionales del marketing realizar un seguimiento del éxito de sus esfuerzos e identificar aún más formas de mejorar la comunicación.

Content marketing pros and cons

If you are one of those people who still have doubts, I will try to explain the benefits of social networks for companies so you can take the step and start using them.

More and more companies are trying to attract customers through social networks, and this is one of the main benefits of social networks for businesses and professionals.

Therefore, it is essential to have a customer service strategy in social networks so that the consumer sees that the brand is involved in solving the consumer's problems and, in this way, differentiate itself from the competition.

To see it in a more practical way, I have looked for a success story of how what could have been a reputation crisis for Grupo Bimbo in Mexico became a business opportunity thanks to these and the use of monitoring tools such as BrandWatch.

By 2015, the Advertising Agency that provides its services to Bimbo (Vector B) identified a trend of negative comments about Bimbo and more specifically about the Gansito, which coincided with the launch of the "Gansito Red Velvet" but for the United States.

Influencer marketing pros and cons

In advertising, brands are equated with gods and trends with religions. But consumerism, which has its origins in the capitalist economic model, has also given rise to advertising techniques such as Ambush Marketing, which can be considered a type of guerrilla marketing (low-cost, impactful advertising), and whose impact has provoked numerous criticisms within the advertising field. In this article we tell you all about what Ambush Marketing is and examples of how to carry it out.

Another example is the case of Carlsberg beers, which made an ad in which they filled a movie theater with men who looked like bikers and tough guys, leaving only two seats free. When the couples entered, not all of them dared to sit down in front of such a panorama. If they did, the whole room applauded them and gave them a beer of the brand.

The cases we have mentioned of American Express, as well as Burger King or Axe, are an example of indirect Ambush Marketing, because they simply refer to or subtly suggest an event or viral phenomenon, without being official sponsors (zero cost).

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