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Estrategias de expansión ejemplos

Una estrategia de marketing es el plan general de una empresa para llegar a los consumidores potenciales y convertirlos en clientes de sus productos o servicios. Una estrategia de marketing contiene la propuesta de valor de la empresa, los mensajes clave de la marca, datos sobre la demografía de los clientes objetivo y otros elementos de alto nivel.

Esto proporciona a los equipos de marketing una plantilla que debe informar sus iniciativas en todos los productos y servicios de la empresa. Por ejemplo, Walmart (WMT) es ampliamente conocido como un minorista de descuento con "precios bajos todos los días", cuyas operaciones comerciales y esfuerzos de marketing se basan en esa idea.

La estrategia de marketing se esboza en el plan de marketing, un documento que detalla los tipos específicos de actividades de marketing que lleva a cabo una empresa y que contiene calendarios para poner en marcha diversas iniciativas de marketing.

Idealmente, las estrategias de marketing deberían tener una vida más larga que los planes de marketing individuales, ya que contienen propuestas de valor y otros elementos clave de la marca de una empresa, que generalmente se mantienen constantes a largo plazo. En otras palabras, las estrategias de marketing abarcan los mensajes generales, mientras que los planes de marketing describen los detalles logísticos de campañas específicas.

Expansion strategies pdf

To get on the scoreboard, it is essential to create a coherent sales scheme, to have a prepared sales team and to equip it with the right tools that will enable it to deploy an effective gaming system.

The commercial strategy is written clearly and synthetically in a document so that it can be used. For example, in a business plan if you are going to start your company from scratch or you want to resume an activity previously started.

You must now assign responsibility for the various actions to be carried out by the members of your sales team, or by the various partners who support you in managing your sales strategy.

As you progress with your commercial action plan, do not hesitate to review your strategy and refine your objectives to reflect the reality on the ground. The motivation of your team depends to a large extent on seeing the concretization of their efforts, thanks to achievable and realistic objectives.Read also Commercial sales strategy: template and tools

Expansion objectives examples

Throughout the life of the company there is a continuous process of development that aims to take advantage of business opportunities that arise in the market in order to obtain greater profits. In this article we will detail the various development possibilities or strategies that exist.

Business development involves the expansion of the company's activities. This process can take place without changing the type of products or the core business, by trying to improve production processes and increase sales (expansion) or by broadening the scope of activities (diversification).

Expansion is a form of business development based on intensifying efforts in the company's current activity. Depending on whether or not the current market is maintained and the products offered are improved, a distinction can be made between the following expansion strategies:

Thanks to diversification, companies make full use of their productive resources: for example, the distributor of office supplies can use his warehouse and his staff for the distribution of furniture, since after all they are not so different activities. Moreover, he can offer these products to his current customers, taking advantage of the fact that they are companies, and in the same way that they need office supplies, they may need to renew their furniture.

Market expansion strategy examples

The value chain allowed us to analyze the sources of competitive advantage, because it analyzes the most relevant strategic activities performed by the company and their interactions. Therefore, the present study aims at the value chain as innovative tools for the sustainability of vegetable marketing, being this a fundamental part to increase productivity and marketing, however, if there is little or almost no commercial strategies, this leads to a decrease in income for traders and the attraction of new customers.

The marketers' ability to offer an excellent quality generating an additional value as a plus that makes the difference between the associations or companies that offer the same product or service, in addition to identifying the advantages and

The marketing of vegetables affects the surrounding ecosystem, generating medium- and long-term effects. With the commercialization of vegetables, it is expected to obtain results that are reflected in human beings.

Macro commercialization refers to the sales of a product wholesale, that is to say, at this stage sub-processes are avoided, the product goes directly from the producer to the consumer, avoiding the need to pay additional values at the moment of acquiring the final product.

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